Desktop application letting you monitor and record up to 16 NDI® sources, utilizing NewTek's latest NDI 4.5 recording capabilities. App features configurable multiview with multiple layouts, tally borders, VU-meters, audio monitoring, and available storage indicators.

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Audio and video recording

Record full-resolution NDI video coming straight from the network into MOV files, without any recompression. Recording even a large number of 4K sources is possible with relatively low CPU usage. All audio channels are recorded with floating-point precision, which prevents clipping. All sources are synchronized and time-base corrected. Optionally record an additional 360p proxy stream.

Audio and video monitoring

Monitor audio on all sources with stereo VU-meters. Listen to a chosen source with one click of a mouse.

Recording location switching

Automatically switch recording location to another drive when the current one gets full, without losing any frames. Record long (even 24/7) events without interruption.

Versatile layouts

Choose from five multiview layouts that can display up to 16 sources in 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 grids or two switcher-style layouts.

System requirements

Operating system

64bit Windows 7 or higher
64bit macOS Catalina
64bit Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and higher)


Modern 64bit CPU with at least SSSE3 support (i3-8100 or better recommended).
Full NDI (not HX) streams are recorded with minimal CPU usage, without any transcoding.
NDI|HX sources are transcoded to the full NDI's codec, which entails higher CPU usage.
Please use the free Trial version before buying, to check if your CPU is sufficient to record as many sources as you want.


Dedicated or integrated GPU supporting OpenGL 4.0 or higher.


Multiple high-capacity HDDs or SSDs may be required, in general:

  • One 1080p60 source needs up to 25 MB/s of writing bandwidth and up to 90 GB per hour of recording
  • One 4Kp60 source needs up to 50 MB/s of writing bandwidth and up to 180 GB per hour of recording

You can verify the performance of your drives with appropriate software (look for continuous writing speed).


Multiple aggregated 1Gbit ports or one 10Gbit port may be required to record more than four 1080p60 or more than two 4Kp60 sources.

Additional software

NDI|HX driver is required.

For playback and transcoding VLC and tools based on FFmpeg are recommended.

Compatible editing applications include After Effects® CC, Premiere Pro® CC, Prelude® CC, and SpeedGrade® CC.
Adobe® Creative Cloud® membership may be required. NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC plugin, a part of NDI Tools, is required.

Recording sources with varying parameters

NDI sources are captured without any transcoding or processing. Because of that, whenever a recorded source changes its parameters (resolution, frame rate, or the number of audio channels), the recording is stopped and a new file is started. This can affect recordings from Skype and vMix Call, which are known to change the resolution of their NDI outputs during calls.

Such recordings can be easily synchronized in Adobe Premiere Pro® by following this video guide: How To Sync Video and Audio To Timecode In Premiere Pro.


Version 0.9

This version brings new remote control features, optimizations and bug fixes.

  1. Added web control panel. Can be enabled in Settings. Available through a web browser on the chosen port.
  2. Added TCP API for remote control. Documentation
  3. Updated NDI libraries to version 4.5.3.
  4. Fixed bugs related to location selection and filenames on Linux.
  5. Fixed stability issues on Linux.
  6. Fixed UI bugs causing dialog windows to look blurry.
  7. Fixed other minor bugs.
Version 0.6

This version brings new features in terms of recording, UI and audio monitoring.

  1. Added A/B recording feature, that lets you span one continuous recording across multiple drives.
  2. Added two switcher-style multiview layouts.
  3. Added audio listening feature.
  4. Audio recording is now floating-point, which prevents any clipping.
  5. Audio uses dBFS metering within SMPTE or EBU standards (selectable).
  6. Audio gain now supports fractions and has a reset button.
  7. Added custom display names for sources.
  8. Improved performance.
  9. Fixed minor bugs.
  10. Built Linux version.
Version 0.5

This version brings improved performance, updated UI, new options and bug fixes.

  1. Lowered required OpenGL version to 4.0, to make running on older hardware possible.
    If you have an integrated GPU that doesn’t support OpenGL 4.0 or higher, please use graphics settings to run the app with the dedicated GPU.
  2. Revamped audio levels indicators.
  3. Enabled High DPI support.
    When using multiple displays, it is recommended that they all have the same scaling factor.
  4. Added ‘Viewing only’ option.
    Enable it on sources that are not going to be recorded, to conserve network bandwidth and CPU usage.
  5. Added option to additionally record preview streams (360p).
  6. Added audio gain option (integer values only).
  7. Enhanced settings dialogs for better performance.
  8. Added logging mechanism.
  9. Improved connection times.
  10. Improved stability.
  11. Fixed minor bugs.

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